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Monday, August 13, 2012

Users damned when Twitter dams the stream

Users damned when Twitter dams the stream
The Age
Despite the Adams furore, Twitter is still relatively highly considered by internet freedom campaigners. The Electronic Frontier Association gives Twitter 3.5 stars out of 4 for protecting users' interests against government encroachments, compared ...

The Age

How Jared Polis Won the Internet
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
SOPA and PIPA are two anti-piracy laws fiercely opposed by Internet freedomadvocates last year, and much of the opposition to the laws surfaced on Reddit. [See: Latest political cartoons]. 3. Marijuana legalization. Polis became a bit of an Internet ...

U.S. News & World Report (blog)

The Copyright Industry Is Trying To Use The Same Broken Lies Used Against ...
Here is a great example; “This case isn't about Internet freedom. It's about a man profiting from theft.” That line was used for The TVShack case and also thrown around in the Megaupload case. “This case isn't about Internet freedom," says Marc Miller ...


Tweeting the Principles of Internet Freedom - Global Voices Advocacy
By Mera Szendro Bok
Here's a good opportunity to share with your friends and coworkers on Twitter, as well as other Declaration supporters and signers what The Declaration of Internet Freedom principles personally mean to you, why you value these principles ...
Global Voices Advocacy

Internet Freedom Funding Opportunity Tied to Internet Governance ...
Freedom House is now accepting applications to the Freedom House IGF Incubator Project, a contest for innovative Internet freedom projects that target regional ...

Tweet for Internet Freedom | Free Press
The Declaration of Internet Freedom continues to resonate with Internet users around the world. This month we're adding a new layer to the conversation: We're ...

True Internet Freedom Still Hard to Define
Over the last few years, there have been an awful lot of attempts to define what freedom on the Internet actually means. While most people can agree that laws ...

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