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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tech Policy - is the GOP MIA?

Republicans had better wake up before it's too late--

GOP needs to be more tech-savvy ( " . . . According to Pew, 40 percent of Republican voters used social networks to become more involved politically, compared to 38 percent of Democratic voters. Overall, Democrats still had a slight edge (58 percent) on Republicans (54 percent) when it came to utilizing social networks. People using mobile phones to connect politically were divided evenly along party lines. "We're better at using the tools, but we're not better at shaping the policy that will affect how those tools work in the future," Motley says about Republicans. "This is what happened on Network Neutrality. We as conservatives looked at the Internet and went, Man, that's going gangbusters. No need to do anything there, and, in the absence of doing anything, which was, by the way, the right policy, that doesn't mean you don't remain vigilant and remain active in stopping bad policy." Motley adds that the government does have a legitimate role in the consistent parameters that conservatives always hold for government activity. But today's issues go beyond those parameters, and that is why conservatives need to be more engaged. "I've worked for the past year to get a meeting going on the Hill to begin to discuss tech policy, get people beyond the energy and commerce and judicial committees involved in it," the advocate shares. "They need to get engaged on it and learn more than, you know, we have a 22-year-old in our office tweeting stuff." The Internet is now one-sixth of the economy, and as Motley points out, it is also a fundamental driver of the U.S. economy. . . "

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