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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hissing Kitty Network Launches a Better Way to Complain

Tips for business complaints--

The Hissing Kitty Network Launches a Better Way to Complain About A Business: " . . . So what's the best way to submit an online complaint about a business? It's simple, and here are three ways to make sure your problem gets the visibility it deserves--

1. Make sure that you post your complaint or review to as many websites as possible. Do a Google search for consumer complaints or something to that affect first. The more places you submit your story across the internet, the more people will find and read it.

2. Be extremely detailed in your review of the business. Talk about why you are so upset, how much money you lost, and why other people should avoid that company at all costs. If people think they are reading another online rant, chances are they won't take you seriously.

3. Be calm and collected. It's never a good idea to write when you are upset, so take some time to cool down before writing a complaint online. Make sure your frustrations aren't making you exaggerate the details. You want to be open and honest, without lying to make your point.

Hopefully these tips will help you get even when a business treats you poorly. Remember when you feel wronged or taken advantage of, you have the power to share your story with the world."

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