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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Proposed New GOP Position On Internet Freedom

Leaked: The GOP's Proposed New Position On Internet Freedom - Washington Whispers ( " . . . Because their convention is first, Republicans will have a chance to become the first party to officially support Internet freedom, but Democratic sources say their party is also likely to include strong language advocating for less Internet regulation. Here's Issa's proposed draft language:

"American innovation has continued to grow and thrive based on the expansion of Internet and related technologies. American leadership on the Internet has generated millions of jobs in the United States, with over 300,000 alone being generated in social media over the last four years. In order to maintain American leadership into the future it is vital that all Americans have access to an open and unobstructed Internet. "We believe that all Americans have a right to participate where and how they choose on the Internet. They have a right to create, grow, collaborate and benefit from what they create on the Internet. They also have a right to be secure in their intellectual property on the Internet.

"As the Internet continues to become more integrated into virtually every aspect of our lives we must ensure that it remains free of unnecessary government influence and manipulation. Today, online communities and marketplaces are vibrant platforms that foster freedom of speech, freedom of association and provide new economic opportunities to individuals. Conversely government by its very nature seeks to impose, limit and regulate the actions of individuals. While we should ensure that mechanisms are in place to protect the most vulnerable amongst us, we will ensure that this is not done at the expense of maintaining a vibrant and growing Internet.""

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