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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Biggest Threat to Free Speech and IP?

TPP--what's that? Read below:

The Biggest Threat to Free Speech and Intellectual Property That You’ve Never Heard Of: "As we have seen in the failed attempts of SOPA/PIPA, and the floundering Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, intellectual property (“IP”) laws are often poorly constructed, hastily proposed and ultimately both ineffective and potentially abusive. Now, the latest threat to free speech in guise of IP reform is a multilateral trade agreement currently being negotiated (in secret) by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (“USTR”). That agreement—the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or “TPP”—would reportedly include dramatic changes to intellectual property laws, changes that could potentially permit the patenting to plants, animals, and medical procedures. . . ."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"The NSA Is Lying": U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails Says NSA Whistleblower

"The NSA Is Lying": U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails Says NSA Whistleblower - - National Security Agency whistleblower William Binney reveals he believes domestic surveillance has become more expansive under President Obama than President George W. Bush. He estimates the NSA has assembled 20 trillion "transactions" — phone calls, emails and other forms of data — from Americans. This likely includes copies of almost all of the emails sent and received from most people living in the United States. Binney talks about Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act and challenges NSA Director Keith Alexander's assertion that the NSA is not intercepting information about U.S. citizens.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surveillance Technology, Facial Recognition, and Totalitarianism

poorrichards blog: The new totalitarianism of surveillance technology: "And we know from industry newsletters that the US military, law enforcement, and the department of homeland security are betting heavily on facial recognition technology. As PC World notes, Facebook itself is a market leader in the technology – but military and security agencies are close behind. According to Homeland Security Newswire, billions of dollars are being invested in the development and manufacture of various biometric technologies capable of detecting and identifying anyone, anywhere in the world – via iris-scanning systems, already in use; foot-scanning technology (really); voice pattern ID software, and so on. What is very obvious is that this technology will not be applied merely to people under arrest, or to people under surveillance in accordance with the fourth amendment (suspects in possible terrorist plots or other potential crimes, after law enforcement agents have already obtained a warrant from a magistrate). No, the "targets" here are me and you: everyone, all of the time. In the name of "national security", the capacity is being built to identify, track and document any citizen constantly and continuously."

Even cats?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Story That Was Banned by MSM

Is this America?--

Daily Kos: NYT said it wasn't a story. Then the story was banned: You probably haven't heard of Trapwire. It took a lot of media incompetence, corporate corruption, and actual legal censorship of a news story to ensure that this is the case. Even well-informed activists and good citizens who keep up with some independent outlets and the better blogs have likely heard little to nothing on not just Trapwire, but what it represents - an industry and a sector that can only thrive when you don't know what they do: with your money, with your privacy, and with your rights. Already we saw how the infosecurity firms (intelligence contractors, like defense contractors and often the same people, as with Northrop, Raytheon, Booz Allen Hamilton, and more) have been caught plotting harassment and set-ups against liberal and anti-corporate activists in the U.S. and Europe, even discussing the best way to attack folks like Glenn Greenwald (and carrying out attacks on USA Today), all at the request of middle class-destroying firms like Bank of America as well as that lobbying wing of the mercantalist class, U.S. Chamber of Commerce. If you're an activist, you can't afford not to learn about the "cyber-industrial complex," as someone at the CIA-linked firm In-Q-Tel called it last year. If you're not an activist, you've got a couple more years until it effects you even more than it does already, in more direct ways that will nonetheless continue to be covert, and on your dime. Democratic institutions are being damaged in ways never before seen, usually without a word from the media. Many of those words are inaccurate to boot . . . ."

Monday, August 27, 2012

GOP Platform includes 'Internet Freedom'


EXCLUSIVE: GOP Platform includes 'Internet Freedom' platform | The Daily Caller: " . . .Approval of the newly finalized draft language, however, would make the party the first of the two dominant political parties to fully and officially embrace Internet freedom. It also signals what Republicans view as important and necessary to keep the Internet open and free. “Internet Freedom”, according to the finalized draft language, would entail the removal of “regulatory barriers” for technology businesses, resistance to international governance of the Internet and the “constitutional protection” of personal data. “We will remove regulatory barriers that protect outdated technologies and business plans from innovation and competition, while preventing legacy regulation from interfering with new technologies such as mobile delivery of voice and video data as they become crucial components of the Internet ecosystem,” said the finalized draft. “We will resist any effort to shift control away from the successful multi-stakeholder approach of Internet governance and toward governance by international or other intergovernmental organizations,” it said. “We will ensure that personal data receives full constitutional protection from government overreach and that individuals retain the right to control the use of their data by third parties,” it said. . . "

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why do cats purr?

Why the cat's purr is one of zoology's greatest mysteries: " . . . . The fact is, we simply don't know for sure why cats purr, but it seems clear that the sound serves multiple purposes. Famous animal behaviorist Paul Leyhausen, who studied cats for several decades, suggested that purring is one way cats communicate with each other, signaling that they don't wish to fight. A recent study found that cats emit a special kind of purr when they want humans to feed them (cats often purr while eating, too). . . . "

Why do cats purr? I'll never tell!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

US tells India to Balance Security with Internet Freedom

Internet Freedom news roundup:

Balance Internet freedom with national security: US to India
Indian Express
The United States advised India to ensure Internet freedom while seeking to preserve national security, as the Indian government asked social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to check pages carrying inflammatory messages. "As the Indian ... 

Balance security with internet freedom: US tells India
New York Daily News
Asked if potential action against Twitter would be inconsistent with freedom of expression, Nuland said: "Again, these companies are talking to the Indian government about application of Indian law within the context of internet freedom." "The general ...

REGION: Issa's call for Internet freedom makes GOP platform
North County Times
Darrell Issa has successfully inserted a plank calling for Internet freedom in the Republican Party platform. The Vista Republican says that access to an open Internet unfettered by government regulation is vital. "We believe that all Americans have a ...

Democratic lawmakers seek Internet freedom plank in platform
The four Democrats are urging the inclusion of language reading, "The Democratic Party stands for global Internet freedom, the free flow of information online, a free and open Internet, and protection from online censorship and privacy violations." The ...

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian Plans Bus Tour To Make Internet Freedom A 2012 ...
Ohanian says the real goal of the campaign, which will kick off in October, is to insert Internet freedom as a major issue in the 2012 presidential campaign. In a sign of the project's nonpartisan approach, half the bus will be painted red and the ...

Balance internet freedom with national security: US tells India
Washington: The US on Thursday advised India to ensure Internet freedom while seeking to preserve national security, as the Indian government asked social networking websites to check pages carrying inflammatory messages. "As the Indian government ...

Chris Barton: Twitter diplomacy
New Zealand Herald
The focus on internet freedom is more than words. About US$70 million has been spent in the past two years developing technologies to help activists living under repressive regimes circumvent internet censorship, and to protect websites and blogs from ...

New Zealand Herald

Looking At The “Internet Freedom Fighter”- Julian Assange | Youth ...
By Youth Ki Awaaz Editorial Staff
By Aniruddh Naik: Julian Assange, the Australian born 'Internet Freedom Fighter' as he is called by many, is the Wikileaks founder and he needs no further introduction. A hacker in his early years, he has revived the world of journalism or the ...
Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth

Friday, August 24, 2012

Steve Wozniak: Internet freedoms at risk

Steve Wozniak: Internet freedoms at risk video - With the failure of the most recent cyber bill in the Senate and a possible Obama Executive Order, it seems the government is looking for other ways to beef up Internet protection. As heavy speculation swirls around the future of the Internet, RT's Abby Martin sits down with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, to speak about net neutrality and his fear that freedom on the Web might become a thing of the past.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Creepy Spying System Revealed by Wikileaks

Creepy Spying System Revealed by Wikileaks, Which Then Gets Hit by a Massive Attack: "What does it mean, when Wikileaks publishes a trove of documents hacked by Anonymous from the strategic intelligence firm Stratfor — a trove that apparently details a massive electronic spying system run by the U.S. government — and is then hit by a massive and sustained distributed denial of service attack that prevents journalists and people at large from examining the documents in question? I can't be the only person that finds that just a tad ... suggestive."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Proposed New GOP Position On Internet Freedom

Leaked: The GOP's Proposed New Position On Internet Freedom - Washington Whispers ( " . . . Because their convention is first, Republicans will have a chance to become the first party to officially support Internet freedom, but Democratic sources say their party is also likely to include strong language advocating for less Internet regulation. Here's Issa's proposed draft language:

"American innovation has continued to grow and thrive based on the expansion of Internet and related technologies. American leadership on the Internet has generated millions of jobs in the United States, with over 300,000 alone being generated in social media over the last four years. In order to maintain American leadership into the future it is vital that all Americans have access to an open and unobstructed Internet. "We believe that all Americans have a right to participate where and how they choose on the Internet. They have a right to create, grow, collaborate and benefit from what they create on the Internet. They also have a right to be secure in their intellectual property on the Internet.

"As the Internet continues to become more integrated into virtually every aspect of our lives we must ensure that it remains free of unnecessary government influence and manipulation. Today, online communities and marketplaces are vibrant platforms that foster freedom of speech, freedom of association and provide new economic opportunities to individuals. Conversely government by its very nature seeks to impose, limit and regulate the actions of individuals. While we should ensure that mechanisms are in place to protect the most vulnerable amongst us, we will ensure that this is not done at the expense of maintaining a vibrant and growing Internet.""

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Niall Ferguson's "Why Barack Obama Needs to Go"

Niall Ferguson on Why Barack Obama Needs to Go - Newsweek and The Daily Beast: " . . . . Mitt Romney is not the best candidate for the presidency I can imagine. But he was clearly the best of the Republican contenders for the nomination. He brings to the presidency precisely the kind of experience—both in the business world and in executive office—that Barack Obama manifestly lacked four years ago. (If only Obama had worked at Bain Capital for a few years, instead of as a community organizer in Chicago, he might understand exactly why the private sector is not “doing fine” right now.) And by picking Ryan as his running mate, Romney has given the first real sign that—unlike Obama—he is a courageous leader who will not duck the challenges America faces. The voters now face a stark choice. They can let Barack Obama’s rambling, solipsistic narrative continue until they find themselves living in some American version of Europe, with low growth, high unemployment, even higher debt—and real geopolitical decline. Or they can opt for real change: the kind of change that will end four years of economic underperformance, stop the terrifying accumulation of debt, and reestablish a secure fiscal foundation for American national security. . . "

And don't forget what Obama did with NDAA! Hiss!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Julian Assange calls on US to end WikiLeaks witch hunt (video)

Julian Assange calls on US to end WikiLeaks witch hunt and release Bradley Manning video - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange thanks Ecuador for taking a "stand for justice" in giving him political asylum and calls on the US to "end its witch hunt" against WikiLeaks.

full speech below:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Cheetah Challenge

The Cheetah Challenge video
As zoos struggle to save endangered species like cheetahs, scientists are still learning the basics of breeding behavior.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tech Policy - is the GOP MIA?

Republicans had better wake up before it's too late--

GOP needs to be more tech-savvy ( " . . . According to Pew, 40 percent of Republican voters used social networks to become more involved politically, compared to 38 percent of Democratic voters. Overall, Democrats still had a slight edge (58 percent) on Republicans (54 percent) when it came to utilizing social networks. People using mobile phones to connect politically were divided evenly along party lines. "We're better at using the tools, but we're not better at shaping the policy that will affect how those tools work in the future," Motley says about Republicans. "This is what happened on Network Neutrality. We as conservatives looked at the Internet and went, Man, that's going gangbusters. No need to do anything there, and, in the absence of doing anything, which was, by the way, the right policy, that doesn't mean you don't remain vigilant and remain active in stopping bad policy." Motley adds that the government does have a legitimate role in the consistent parameters that conservatives always hold for government activity. But today's issues go beyond those parameters, and that is why conservatives need to be more engaged. "I've worked for the past year to get a meeting going on the Hill to begin to discuss tech policy, get people beyond the energy and commerce and judicial committees involved in it," the advocate shares. "They need to get engaged on it and learn more than, you know, we have a 22-year-old in our office tweeting stuff." The Internet is now one-sixth of the economy, and as Motley points out, it is also a fundamental driver of the U.S. economy. . . "

Friday, August 17, 2012

DMCA takedowns, Copyright Abuse and NASA's Mars Rover

Does Google (who owns and operates YouTube) care about preventing "copyright abuse?" Then why don't they do "something" about abuses like Scripps News re: NASA Mars Rover video?

NASA's Mars Rover Crashed Into a DMCA Takedown | Motherboard: by Alex_Pasternack on Monday, Aug 06, 2012: "NASA’s livestream coverage of the Curiosity rover’s landing on Mars was practically as flawless as the landing itself, a refreshing alternative to all that troubled Olympics coverage. The broadcast – full of suspense, lucky peanut-eating, and ecstatic congratulations – was slow and hard to reach at times, but NASA servers never failed. Along with burnishing its online publicity credentials, NASA had prepared for a global audience of millions. But NASA couldn’t prepare for everything. An hour or so after Curiosity’s 1.31 a.m. EST landing in Gale Crater, I noticed that . . . . The video was gone, replaced with an alien message: “This video contains content from Scripps Local News, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. Sorry about that.” That is to say, a NASA-made public domain video posted on NASA’s official YouTube channel, documenting the landing of a $2.5 billion Mars rover mission paid for with public taxpayer money, was blocked by YouTube because of a copyright claim by a private news service. . . . This isn’t the first time that a claim by Scripps News Service has grounded a NASA video on YouTube. According to Bob Jacobs, NASA’s Deputy Associate Administrator for Communications, such claims happen once a month, and tend to be more common with popular videos. If claimed videos aren’t blocked, they are slapped with ads from the fraudulent claimant. In April, Scripps also claimed ownership for a video of one of NASA’s Space Shuttles being flown atop a 747, causing it to briefly disappear from NASA’s account. “Everything from imagery to music gets flagged,” Jacobs said of the blocks and ad-claims that have hit NASA’s YouTube page. "We’ve been working with You Tube in an effort to stop the automatic disabling of videos. So far, it hasn’t helped much. . . . "

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Google building a gigantic cat detector

Speech Recognition and Deep Learning | Research Blog: "The New York Times recently published an article about Google’s large scale deep learning project, which learns to discover patterns in large datasets, including... cats on YouTube! What’s the point of building a gigantic cat detector you might ask? When you combine large amounts of data, large-scale distributed computing and powerful machine learning algorithms, you can apply the technology to address a large variety of practical problems. . . . "

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Your internet freedom may be taken away

Stay alert or your internet freedom may be "taken away"--

The United Nations and the Internet: It's Complicated - By Rebecca MacKinnon | Foreign Policy: "When it comes to the Internet, however, Congress, the White House, technology companies, and civil liberties groups are all on the same page: All agree that the United Nations -- a body representing the interests of governments -- should not be given control over a globally interconnected network that transcends the geography of nation-states. The Internet is too valuable to be managed by governments alone. Yet there is less agreement over how well the alternative "multistakeholder" model of Internet governance is working -- or whether it is really serving all of us as well as it might. The immediate threat to the Internet as we know it is the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) scheduled for December in Dubai by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a U.N. body whose remit has thus far been limited to global telephone systems. Members meet behind closed doors. Their policy proposals were until recently accessible only to members -- until activists forced transparency upon them through a website called "WCITLeaks." The leaked documents reveal how a number of governments -- in league with some old-school telecommunications companies seeking to regain revenues lost to the Internet -- are proposing to rewrite global international telecommunications regulations in ways that opponents believe will corrode, if not destroy, the open and free nature of the Internet. (For readers wanting to delve into details, a number of nonprofit organizations including the Center for Democracy and Technology and the Internet Society have published analyses of the leaked documents and other recent ITU statements.)"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Curious Case of Richard O'Dwyer

Petition | .@ukhomeoffice: Stop the extradition of Richard O'Dwyer to the USA #SaveRichard | "Richard O'Dwyer is a 24 year old British student at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. He is facing extradition to the USA and up to ten years in prison, for creating a website – – which linked (similar to a search-engine) to places to watch TV and movies online.

"O'Dwyer is not a US citizen, he's lived in the UK all his life, his site was not hosted there, and most of his users were not from the US. America is trying to prosecute a UK citizen for an alleged crime which took place on UK soil.

"The internet as a whole must not tolerate censorship in response to mere allegations of copyright infringement. As citizens we must stand up for our rights online.

"When operating his site, Richard O'Dwyer always did his best to play by the rules: on the few occasions he received requests to remove content from copyright holders, he complied. His site hosted links, not copyrighted content, and these were submitted by users.

"Copyright is an important institution, serving a beneficial moral and economic purpose. But that does not mean that copyright can or should be unlimited. It does not mean that we should abandon time-honoured moral and legal principles to allow endless encroachments on our civil liberties in the interests of the moguls of Hollywood. . . . "

Leaked MPAA Memo Reveals TV-Shack Press Strategy | TorrentFreak: "A leaked “memo” from the MPAA shows how movie industry insiders are being briefed to respond in media interviews on the extradition case of TV-Shack admin Richard O’Dwyer. In the talking points the MPAA describes the UK student as a deliberate criminal while mocking his wardrobe. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who launched a petition to stop the extradition, is called out as “presumptuous” by the movie industry group."
Mpaa Tvshack--"Leaked memo" below

Monday, August 13, 2012

Users damned when Twitter dams the stream

Users damned when Twitter dams the stream
The Age
Despite the Adams furore, Twitter is still relatively highly considered by internet freedom campaigners. The Electronic Frontier Association gives Twitter 3.5 stars out of 4 for protecting users' interests against government encroachments, compared ...

The Age

How Jared Polis Won the Internet
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
SOPA and PIPA are two anti-piracy laws fiercely opposed by Internet freedomadvocates last year, and much of the opposition to the laws surfaced on Reddit. [See: Latest political cartoons]. 3. Marijuana legalization. Polis became a bit of an Internet ...

U.S. News & World Report (blog)

The Copyright Industry Is Trying To Use The Same Broken Lies Used Against ...
Here is a great example; “This case isn't about Internet freedom. It's about a man profiting from theft.” That line was used for The TVShack case and also thrown around in the Megaupload case. “This case isn't about Internet freedom," says Marc Miller ...


Tweeting the Principles of Internet Freedom - Global Voices Advocacy
By Mera Szendro Bok
Here's a good opportunity to share with your friends and coworkers on Twitter, as well as other Declaration supporters and signers what The Declaration of Internet Freedom principles personally mean to you, why you value these principles ...
Global Voices Advocacy

Internet Freedom Funding Opportunity Tied to Internet Governance ...
Freedom House is now accepting applications to the Freedom House IGF Incubator Project, a contest for innovative Internet freedom projects that target regional ...

Tweet for Internet Freedom | Free Press
The Declaration of Internet Freedom continues to resonate with Internet users around the world. This month we're adding a new layer to the conversation: We're ...

True Internet Freedom Still Hard to Define
Over the last few years, there have been an awful lot of attempts to define what freedom on the Internet actually means. While most people can agree that laws ...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hissing Kitty Network Launches a Better Way to Complain

Tips for business complaints--

The Hissing Kitty Network Launches a Better Way to Complain About A Business: " . . . So what's the best way to submit an online complaint about a business? It's simple, and here are three ways to make sure your problem gets the visibility it deserves--

1. Make sure that you post your complaint or review to as many websites as possible. Do a Google search for consumer complaints or something to that affect first. The more places you submit your story across the internet, the more people will find and read it.

2. Be extremely detailed in your review of the business. Talk about why you are so upset, how much money you lost, and why other people should avoid that company at all costs. If people think they are reading another online rant, chances are they won't take you seriously.

3. Be calm and collected. It's never a good idea to write when you are upset, so take some time to cool down before writing a complaint online. Make sure your frustrations aren't making you exaggerate the details. You want to be open and honest, without lying to make your point.

Hopefully these tips will help you get even when a business treats you poorly. Remember when you feel wronged or taken advantage of, you have the power to share your story with the world."

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hovercat (ASPCA video)

Nightline's Dan Harris adopted an amazing cat who can hover. There are millions of other animals waiting to be adopted. Get one and make your own viral videos. June is adopt a shelter cat month, go to to learn more.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Has Your ISP Joined the US “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme?

Has Your ISP Joined the US “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme? | TorrentFreak: "The parties agreed on a system through which copyright infringers are warned that they are breaking the law. After six warnings ISPs may then take a variety of repressive measures, which include slowing down offenders’ connections and temporary disconnections. . . . only five Internet providers have agreed to send out warnings to their customers. . . AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon. . . the ISPs above cover roughly 75% of all U.S. broadband internet customers. This is significant, but it nonetheless begs the question – why are the rest of the providers not involved? Quite a few prominent names are not listed. Centurylink, Charter and Cox all have millions of subscribers, but are not taking part in the “six strikes” scheme. Not to forget the 100+ smaller providers across the United States who are also missing in action. . . . "

Meow--methinks something "fishy" here!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Internet Pirates Win With Cats!

Deceptions involving a cat?

Internet Pirates Will Always Win - "Take as an example YouTube, where the Recording Industry Association of America almost rules with an iron fist, but doesn’t, because of deceptions like the one involving a catYouTube, which is owned by Google, offers a free tool to the movie studios and television networks called Content ID. When a studio legitimately uploads a clip from a copyrighted film to YouTube, the Google tool automatically finds and blocks copies of the product. To get around this roadblock, some YouTube users started placing copyrighted videos inside a still photo of a cat that appears to be watching an old JVC television set. The Content ID algorithm has a difficult time seeing that the video is violating any copyright rules; it just sees a cat watching TV. Sure, it’s annoying for those who want to watch the video, but it works. (Obviously, it’s more than annoying for the company whose product is being pirated.)"

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Babbo’s Books Raising Money to Save Bookstore Cat

photo of Holly the Bookstore Cat
Babbo’s Books Raising Money to Save Bookstore Cat - GalleyCat:
"Babbo’s Books has launched an emergency campaign to raise funds for an expensive medical procedure that could save the life of the Brooklyn bookstore’s mascot. Follow this link if you want to donate to the campaign for Holly. The campaign has a $1,000 funding goal, and Leonora at the bookstore explained where the funds will go: Holly has had kidney disease for over two years. During that time, we’ve been able to manage it with a daily regimen of subcutaneous fluids. Now, Holly has stopped eating and needs emergency treatment. She needs to go to the hospital for 2 – 7 days and be put on an IV. It’s called Diuresis treatment and it’s basically kitty dialysis. The only other option is euthanasia."

E.W. Scripps Company - Scripps News Service abuse Copyright

NASA's Mars Rover Crashed Into a DMCA Takedown | Motherboard: "On Monday afternoon, a spokesperson for E.W. Scripps Company, owner of the Scripps News Service, emailed Motherboard a statement apologizing for the accidental takedown. “We apologize for the temporary inconvenience experienced when trying to upload and view a NASA clip early Monday morning," wrote Michele Roberts, referring to a video of the NASA livestream that Scripps uploaded and claimed as their own. "We made a mistake. We reacted as quickly as possible to make the video viewable again, and we’ve adjusted our workflow processes to remedy the situation in future.” This isn’t the first time that a claim by Scripps News Service has grounded a NASA video on YouTube. According to Bob Jacobs, NASA’s Deputy Associate Administrator for Communications, such claims happen once a month, and tend to be more common with popular videos. If claimed videos aren’t blocked, they are slapped with ads from the fraudulent claimant. In April, Scripps also claimed ownership for a video of one of NASA’s Space Shuttles being flown atop a 747, causing it to briefly disappear from NASA’s account."

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TIBS (video)

TIBS from SAM HUNTLEY on Vimeo.

Director: Sam Huntley
Writer: Andy Preston
Producer: Chloe Fernandes
Director Of Photography: Richard Lonsdale
Camera Assistant: Richard Vine
Sound Recordist: James Everett
Editor: Kevin Palmer / Ten Three
Colourist: Simona Harrison / Prime Focus
Sound Design & Mix: Phil Bolland / 750mph
Music Composer: Tom Russell / We Write Music
Online Editor: Chris Dart

Woman: Priscilla Gray

Monday, August 6, 2012

Read this . . . and change your Passwords!

Emptyage — Yes, I was hacked. Hard.: "Yes, I was hacked. Hard. So maybe you saw my Twitter going nuts tonight. Or you saw Gizmodo’s Twitter account blow up. Or you saw this in AllThingsD. Or this in the DailyDot. Although embarrassing, Twitter was the least of it. In short, someone gained entry to my iCloud account, used it to remote wipe all of my devices, and get entry into other accounts too. Here’s what happened: At 4:50 PM, someone got into my iCloud account, reset the password and sent the confirmation message about the reset to the trash. My password was a 7 digit alphanumeric that I didn’t use elsewhere. When I set it up, years and years ago, that seemed pretty secure at the time. But it’s not. Especially given that I’ve been using it for, well, years and years. . . .  The backup email address on my Gmail account is that same .mac email address. At 4:52 PM, they sent a Gmail password recovery email to the .mac account. Two minutes later, an email arrived notifying me that my Google Account password had changed.
At 5:00 PM, they remote wiped my iPhone
At 5:01 PM, they remote wiped my iPad
At 5:05, they remote wiped my MacBook Air.
A few minutes after that, they took over my Twitter. Because, a long time ago, I had linked my Twitter to Gizmodo’s they were then able to gain entry to that as well.
Here’s how I experienced it:
I was playing with my daughter, when my phone went dead. It then rebooted to the setup screen. This was irritating, but I wasn’t concerned. I assumed it was a software glitch. And, my phone automatically backs up every night. I just assumed it would be a pain in the ass, and nothing more. I entered my iCloud login to restore, and it wasn’t accepted. Again, I was irritated, but not alarmed. . . ."

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Future of the Open Internet (video)

Ambassador Terry Kramer visits ITI to talk about the future of the open internet and the upcoming WCIT.

Kramer Speaks on Internet Freedom - ITI Blog: "Yesterday, ITI hosted Ambassador Terry Kramer for a roundtable and policy discussion on the free internet. Kramer was appointed in June to lead the U.S. Delegation at the upcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT). The purpose of this conference is to update the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union (ITU) treaty-level telecomm regulations. There are several proposals under consideration which are raising major alarm bells for those of us who care deeply about a free and open Internet. These range from establishment of an “information security” regime that could be used to justify greater Internet censorship and tracking, the regulation of rates for the exchange of Internet traffic that could be used by countries for competitive advantage, and making ITU standards mandatory for all Member States -- a move that would undermine the global voluntary, consensus-based standards system that has helped to fuel technology innovation. In the following video, Kramer talks about the how the United States views "the phenomena that is the internet" and plans to fight for its freedom."

Friday, August 3, 2012

Rand Paul makes the conservative case for Internet freedom

Rand Paul makes the conservative case for Internet freedom « Hot Air
By Rob Bluey
A month ago as Americans were celebrating Independence Day, two dueling factions released competing visions of Internet freedom. Both dubbed the “Declaration of Internet Freedom,” they represented a post-SOPA attempt to articulate ...
Hot Air » Top Picks

SEAPA Media Monitor: Vietnam: Clinton Should Spotlight Internet ...
By ed legaspi
Vietnam: Clinton Should Spotlight Internet Freedom | Human Rights Watch: "United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should publicly press Vietnam to respect freedom of expression and Internet freedom, and release prominent Internet ...
SEAPA Media Monitor

Declaration of Internet Freedom Gains Momentum | Free Press
WASHINGTON -- On Monday, Free Press announced that Oregon Senator Ron Wyden joined more than 1500 groups and organizations and 50000 individuals ...

Plone Foundation Joins the Declaration of Internet Freedom ...
Plone Foundation Joins the Declaration of Internet Freedom. The Plone Foundation has become a signatory to the Declaration of Internet Freedom, an online ...

Copyright Driving US Internet Freedom Debate – The Netizen Project
American civil society groups agree that Internet freedom is a good thing, but differ with each other about the appropriate relationships and roles of government ...

I Love the Smell of Internet Freedom in the Morning | Free Press
Wow, Internet freedom is delicious. At least that's how some Free Pressers felt when we conducted a little photo shoot to help kick off the Summer of Internet ...

Kim Dotcom Campaigns For Internet Freedom From House Arrest ...
The video, which has amassed nearly half a million views so far, is a response to the fact that ...

The Declaration of Internet Freedom: Not Just for Americans ...
In early July, EFF joined an international coalition of civil society groups in supporting the new Declaration of Internet Freedom, a set of basic principles for ...

FreePress Reboots! Internet Freedom is 2.0 ...
Pay attention when FreePress is quiet about something it was ear-splitting loud about before.

Sen. Rand Paul to Speak on Internet Freedom August 2 at Heritage ...
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Error 404: Democracy Not Found Are you aware of what the whole Dotcom saga is all about? It is important for people to understand how dangerous the.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big Cats love to Yawn! (video)

Big Cats love to Yawn!--and me too!

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