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Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome to the Police State of the Bush-Obama era

Definition of Police State

Woman Forced To Strip And Serve Jail Time For Overdue Ticket -

One comment (of many):
"We the People have allowed brutality to creep into local policing. It started with the torture of enemy combatants in Iraq & Guatanamo. We sanction drone strikes that kill civilians. We turn away when the NSA scoops all our communications. We've allowed the creation of for-profit prisons, which actively lobby politicians and judges for more prisoners. (1 of every 100 americans is in jail.) We've allowed the police to militarize their weaponry and start buying tanks for civilian patrol. . . . We allow extended detention of American citizens at border crossings. This is the result. The entire country and culture must reject this or it will continue on this trajectory. Time to be brave." (source:

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