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Monday, October 21, 2013

Brazil, Scary proposal to regulate Internet

Andres Oppenheimer: Brazil’s proposal to regulate Internet is scary - Andres Oppenheimer - " . . . . Rousseff’s call for “multilateral mechanisms” to regulate the Internet should not be automatically dismissed, because there are some aspects of the Internet — such as electronic spying, child pornography or financial fraud — that will require some form of international oversight. But putting that task in the hands of the United Nations, where China, Russia and its authoritarian friends wield enormous power, is a very bad idea. It would allow these countries to do abroad what they do at home: censor what people can read or watch on the Internet. You are right to be angry about electronic spying, President Rousseff, and you may be right about the need to set some international guidelines to stop it. But allowing the United Nations to take the lead on this would most likely give too much power to governments, and too little to freedom-of-expression and other private sector and civil society groups. It would mark the end of freedom of expression on the Internet for the part of the world that still enjoys it." (read more at link above)

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