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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Internet Freedom Declines in the US and World in 2013

Freedom on the Internet 2013 by country (image courtesy of Freedom House).
Freedom on the Internet 2013 by country (image courtesy of Freedom House)

Freedom on the Net 2013
Most Free
1. Iceland
2. Estonia
3. Germany
4. United States
5. Australia
Least Free
1. Iran
2. Cuba
3. China
4. Syria
5. Ethiopia

Report: Internet Freedom Declines Worldwide: " . . . The yearly report listed 34 countries as having a decline in Internet freedom, including Vietnam, Ethiopia, India, the United States and Brazil. The United States slipped on the list of countries with the greatest degree of Internet freedom, largely due to surveillance activities revealed by Edward Snowden. But the U.S. remains among the top five countries for Internet freedom. The report also lists the most commonly used types of Internet controls, which range from blocking and filtering to physical attacks on people. Freedom House says people were beaten, attacked or tortured in 26 countries, often in retaliation for exposing human rights abuses. Several countries employ commentators to post online and manipulate discussions by discrediting government opponents, spreading propaganda and defending government policies while not disclosing that they work for the government."

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