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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Online fury after airport feline fatality - 'The cat is no more'

A tragic story--another airline feline fatality--

'The cat is no more': Online fury after airport feline fatality - "Preeti Varma was inconsolable after seeing her pet cat crushed to death at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport as the creature was loaded onto a flight to Singapore. "You see a crowd forming round her but she is given no medical aid and no one does anything," Varma says of the March 23 incident. Her grief soon turned to rage among tens of thousands of online pet lovers worldwide.The day after Varma's cat, James Dean, died, a friend published online an open letter to Jet Airways, the international airline that had been carrying the cat.The letter demanded a full explanation and apology from the privately owned Indian airline and blasted its "insensitive" handling of the tragedy and pet travel procedures. The blog post spread quickly across social media sites and within 24 hours had 20,000 hits from across the world. Hundreds of furious animal lovers also unleashed Twitter fury at Jet Airways, forcing the airline to issue two public statements on Facebook. . . ." read more at link above

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