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Friday, April 12, 2013

Aaron Swartz Prosecution Team Claim They Have Been Threatened And Harassed

Aaron Swartz Prosecution Team Threatened And Harassed: " . . . Members of the legal team responsible for prosecution of Aaron Swartz have claimed they received threatening letters, emails and some had their social network accounts hacked following the death of the Internet freedom activist. The US Department of Justice filing claimed the lives of US attorney for Massachusetts Carmen Ortiz, assistant attorney Stephen Heymann and others were made miserable after hackers identified them and posted their personal details online, the practice sometimes known as “doxing”. . . ." (read more at links above and below)

Stephen Heymann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: " . . . Heymann's conduct in United States v. Aaron Swartz has proven controversial.[18][19] A White House web site petition to fire him for his handling of the case garnered more than 25,000 signatures in less than a month.[5][20] One attorney for Swartz accused Heymann of using the case to gain publicity for himself.[21] Two others submitted a complaint to the Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility, accusing Heymann of prosecutorial misconduct and alleging the prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence and undermined Swartz's right to a fair trial . . ."

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