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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Endangered sharks return to Bahamas

Endangered Sharks swim home to the Bahamas--

BBC Nature - Endangered sharks return to Bahamas 'home': "The team found that although the sharks travelled far and wide as expected, they also spent a considerable amount of time in Bahamian waters. "I was not surprised that they went long distances but I was surprised that they turned right back around and returned to the Bahamas," Dr Chapman told BBC Nature. "We really think of these oceanic whitetips as ocean wanderers, we didn't think we'd see such a strong pattern of return migration." According to Dr Chapman, the results suggest that a ban on long-line fishing in the 1990s, reinforced by the more recent sanctuary status of the waters, combines to make the Bahamas a safe haven for the sharks. "I think one of the key questions about sanctuaries is 'do they work?' and this is a clear example that shows sharks benefitting from a sanctuary designation," said Ms Karan." (read more at link above)

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