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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tech Giants Form Internet Freedom Lobby to Counter MPAA, RIAA Clout

About time--fight fire with fire!!--

Tech Giants Form Internet-Freedom Lobby to Counter MPAA, RIAA Clout
Wired (blog)
Another lobbying group hit Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. But think again before you start screaming that it's just another lobby representing the 1%. The InternetAssociation, backed by behemoths Amazon, Google, Facebook and others — 14 groups in all ...

Wired (blog)

US Response to Anti-Muslim Video Undermines Internet Freedom
World Politics Review
It also has troubling implications for the State Department's initiative in defense of Internet freedomlaunched in January 2010. In announcing that well-intentioned effort, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proclaimed that President Barack Obama ...

Senate Panel Approves Internet Freedom Resolution
National Journal
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday unanimously approved a resolution calling on the United States to prevent the United Nations from having a greater role in governing theInternet. The nonbinding resolution, which mirrors one passed ...

The Internet Association Starts Cracking the Whip
E-Commerce Times
The Internet Association is K Street's newest lobbying firm, representing a coalition of 14 technology-focused companies in areas such as Internet freedom and fostering innovation. One of its stated goals is to protect users, but as analyst Rob Enderle ...

Should the Internet be regulated?
China Daily
Could the Internet be totally free and should it be? The recent turmoil in the Arab world caused by a contentious video denigrating Prophet Muhammad shows the United States, which is busy promoting global Internet freedom, has paid a huge price with...

China Daily

Freedom of (cyber) expression
THE INTERNET has become a double-edged sword: it is both a medium for freedom of expression, and a venue for people to propagate, not just false, but also slanderous accusations that cause many forms of distress to the person/institution they are ...

UN chief says anti-Islam filmmaker abused freedom of expression
Chicago Tribune
The film, posted on the Internet under several titles including "Innocence of Muslims," mocked the Prophet Mohammad and portrayed him as a womanizer and a fool. It sparked days of deadly anti-American violence in many Muslim countries, including an ...

Google, Amazon, Facebook and more confirmed as members of the ...
By James Trew
Citing its three main areas of focus as protecting internet freedom, fostering innovation and economic growth, and empowering users, the Internet Association will represent regulatory and political interests of its member companies, and their ...

SIIA Applauds Senate Resolution Against International Internet ...
By Laura Greenback
Giving the U.N. unprecedented power over Internet governance will open the door for repressive regimes to undermine today's reality of Internet freedom. It's no surprise that China and Russia, two countries that have taken extreme steps to ...
SIIA Digital Discourse

DC Lobby Group Internet Association Lists Full Roster Of Tech ...
By Natasha Lomas
It is the Internet's decentralized and open model that has unleashed unprecedented entrepreneurialism, creativity and innovation. Policymakers must understand that the preservation of that freedom is essential to the vitality of the Internet itself ...

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