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Monday, September 24, 2012

Internet freedom--what does that mean?

What does Internet Freedom mean?--

Republicans embrace Internet freedom, but what does that mean? - "Wireless broadband is a good example of that threat. With much less capacity than wired networks, wireless carriers have flatly blocked applications (such as Sling's app for remote TV viewing), or charged more for the right to use them (such as Apple's FaceTime video calling app). That's why an alternative "Declaration of Internet Freedom," which has attracted the support of left-leaning groups around the globe, implicitly backs regulations like the FCC's Net neutrality rules. From this faction's perspective, it's crucial to "keep the Internet an open network where everyone is free to connect, communicate, write, read, watch, speak, listen, learn, create and innovate." In sum, we all seem to agree that the freedom to innovate online is a really good thing. But there's a sharp divergence in opinion over how to preserve that liberty."

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