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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tech Figures Raised At Least $27 Million For Obama Campaign

Forced to buy "influence" to counter government interference and government collusion with Hollywood (see, e.g., Megaupload case), tech has no choice but to join this "racket"--

Tech Figures Raised At Least $27 Million For Obama Campaign: "As new media begins to gain political clout along with financial power, one potential loser is the entertainment world, long a fundraising hub for Democrats. And the two California power bases have dramatically different interests, a narrative that has has been developing with increasing clarity in recent years. Last winter's Capitol Hill showdown over two anti-piracy bills, known as SOPA and PIPA, showed the growing strength of the online platform(ie, Silicon Valley) vis-a-vis the content (Hollywood). Suddenly, as Wikipedia blacked itself out and protests sprang up off-line on both coasts, it seemed that Northern California was asserting itself politically in a new way."

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