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Thursday, March 7, 2013

CISPA is back

Despite Protests, Congress To Bring Back CISPA Exactly As It Was Last Year, While Obama Signs Exec Order | Techdirt: " . . . the extremely flawed bill that passed the House last year. You can, of course, understand why the sponsors would bring back the identical bill. After all, it passed (fairly easily), even with tremendous protests. Many tech companies like the bill, because it puts no specific requirements on them, and also (more importantly) frees them from liability for sharing info on their users. But that's the really problematic part. It's disappointing that tech companies have not realized that standing up for their users' privacy rights is a smart business decision on its own. Tragically, they're taking the short term view on this one. The privacy concerns about CISPA are incredibly serious. . . . While the Obama administration threatened to veto CISPA last year, in part due to the privacy concerns, I'm not sure anyone is confident that the administration is serious about that. . . . "

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