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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alec Ross on Internet Freedom, Innovation and Digital Diplomacy

This is one guy who will be missed--

Alexander Howard: Exit Interview: Alec Ross on Internet Freedom, Innovation and Digital Diplomacy: " . . . He told me then that technology was changing and challenging the hierarchical, traditional authority structures that dominated the 21st century, disrupting the ability of governments, companies and powerful people to control information about themselves or their societies. In many interviews and speaking appearances since, he said that "the 21st century is a terrible time to be a control freak. That's an observation one could easily applies to the institutions and officials of the United States government. While the the outcomes of revolutions across North Africa and the Middle East are far from certain, what is clear is that the world has seen historic changes that can be in part attributed to so-called connection technologies. After Ross announced on Twitter and Facebook that he would be leaving the State Department this month, we connected to discuss about his plans and reflections on his tenure. Our unedited interview follows. For more on what's next for Ross and his thoughts on his work, make sure to read Sarah Lai Stirland's interview with Ross on 21st century statecraft at TechPresident. . . ."

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