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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Sick Kitten (1903 cat video!)

The Sick Kitten (1903 cat video!) - A century before Rolf Harris and 'Animal Hospital' audiences had more than their fair share of films about sickly pets, brave dogs and assorted animals in peril. Here, cinema pioneer G. A. Smith's tale features two under-aged vets and a feline patient. Records do not relate whether or not the kitten survived. 'The Sick Kitten' is interesting for more than its cute factor. It was possibly the first film to use a close-up shot that was not motivated by someone staring down a microscope or ogling through a keyhole. (Robin Baker) You can watch over 1200 other complete films and TV programmes from the BFI National Archive free of charge in the Mediatheque at BFI Southbank, London and at the new QUAD centre for art and film in Derby -

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