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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Internet Cat Video Film Festival Redux

Cat Videos Get Their Moment at Minn. Film Festival
 ... The Walker Art Center, a well-regarded museum of modern art in Minneapolis, on Thursday is presenting its first "Internet Cat Video Film Festival" to showcase the best in filmed ...With about 70 videos over 60 minutes, the Walker is mounting a social experiment as much as a film festival. At issue is whether cat video lovers used to gorging on the clips in the privacy of their homes will do so in public - an online community of fellow aficionados interacting face to face for the first time. "It is a cultural phenomenon that raises some interesting questions," said Katie Hill, the Walker program associate who first suggested the festival. But Hill, a self-described "art historian and cat lady," was quick to add: "I'm not a behavioral psychologist, I'm not a sociologist. I just think they're funny and cute, and I think a lot of other people do too."

If you somehow missed this--you can still catch the videos--

Internet Cat Video Festival « Open Field: "View the playlist of videos screened at #catvidfest here after the event. And click here for a playlist of honorable mentions. While normally viewed alone on a computer screen . . .  Experience the joy of a surprised kitten or keyboard cat together. . . ."

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