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Monday, December 15, 2014

Video Game Developers Love Cats

Feline good: why video game developers love cats | Technology | " . . . Like game code, cats are never yours, never quite in your control. Cats are computer programs with fur. They are systems to be observed. “I think there’s something to be learned about what is ‘interesting’ from watching animals in general, and the cat just happens to be a captive study case,” says Ed Key, developer of procedurally generated exploration game, Proteus. “If you’re playing by waving around a toy or a bit of paper or whatever, you have to put some real effort into making it “lifelike” and interesting or the cat gets bored because it’s predictable. I also enjoy watching him sometimes assume that a toy is going to appear around a certain corner and ignoring it until it does what he was expecting. I’ve never seen him watching things in Proteus, but I feel like the principles apply to its design.” James Woodward, co-founder of Milkcap Studios concurs. “Cats are simply fascinating animals,” he says. “You can waste hours of your day watching them play – they do the most ridiculous things. I think people who like cats have a big respect for their independent nature; if it does not like you, then it’ll not get near – you have to earn their trust.”..."

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