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Monday, September 8, 2014

Glenn Greenwald, 12 Dogs + 1 Guest Dog

Inside Glenn Greenwald’s Mountaintop Home Office - ".....“It’s funny,” he said. “I’m working with a Silicon Valley technologist who became the 100th-richest person in the world through his understanding of programming, but half the time we can’t communicate on the telephone because my Internet isn’t working or my phone is out. It’s an irony, but it’s also a kind of balance for me.” That balance includes more than a dozen dogs — Sheila, Sylvestre, Mabel, I lost track of the names. I pointed out that he is nearing cat-lady status, engulfed by his need to rescue. No, he said, “we have a limit, so I am not like a cat lady.”

The limit, he said, is 12.

I counted 13 dogs.

“One of them is a guest dog and will be leaving soon.”

Yeah, sure...."

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