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Monday, July 21, 2014

Unbound - A Tribute to Aaron Swartz - video

Unbound: A Tribute to Aaron Swartz - YouTube:
Unbound: A Tribute to Aaron Swartz - exhibit at Thoughtworks NYC

"One year after his death, we pay homage to Aaron by launching an art exhibit: The exhibit is an artistic sociopolitical commentary that analyzes some of the issues Aaron tackled through his activism. "Unbound: A Tribute to Aaron Swartz" brings together artists and activist whom, much like Aaron, work tirelessly to challenge the status quo, disrupting unjust systems, giving voice to the voiceless and building movements for justice and equity. Aaron used technology as a tool. Artists use their art. Let us bring this exhibit everywhere!"

VIDEO: Speakers--
Jared Hatch, Connector
Eliana Godoy, Exhibit Curator
Michael D'Antuono, Artist
Clara Rodriguez, Artist Advocate

Camera/edit: Joly MacFie
Title music: Francois Grillot
CC-BY-SA 2014 Internet Society New York Chapter

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