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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two US military attaches shot at Venezuela strip club

First the Secret Service guys in Colombia, and now "US military attaches" in Venezuela--Can any of these guys working for Obama on "the taxpayer dime" stay out of South American bars and strip clubs?

AFP: Two US embassy personnel shot in Venezuela:
"Two employees of the US embassy in Venezuela were shot and wounded early Tuesday in the capital Caracas, in a murky incident that local media and a police source said took place at a strip club. . . . The Venezuelan media identified the two men as Roberto Ezequiel Rosas and Paul Marwin, and said they were military attaches at the embassy, but neither the State Department nor the embassy in Caracas would confirm those reports. . . A district policeman, who also spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity, said a shooting incident had been reported just outside the Antonella bar, involving three Americans. In the entryway of the club, there are photos of female strippers. . . ."

Just cattin' around I guess.

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