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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tigers Making a Comeback in Parts of Asia

Comeback Cats!

Tigers Making a Comeback in Parts of Asia: "Joe Walston, executive director for Asia Programs at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), praised the three countries for taking action to protect their tiger populations. The animals are endangered globally. (See tiger pictures.) There are six remaining subspecies of tiger that live in 13 Asian countries—a habitat that's reduced by 93 percent from their historic range. "There are a number of factors that are necessary for tigers to come back, but without true government commitment, there will not be any success," Walston said. . . . In India's Nagarahole and Bandipur National Parks, for example, a combination of strict antipoaching patrols, surveillance, voluntary relocation of people away from tiger habitats, and scientific monitoring have helped the big cats rebound to the point where they have saturated the two national parks. This success is only possible because the Indian state of Karnataka is dedicated to conserving tigers, Walston said. (Learn about National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative.) . . . "

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