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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Early Man Shared Florida With Mammoths

Early Man Shared Florida With Mammoths : Discovery News: "“We found that humans came into Florida before the extinction of megafauna -- they were in Florida by 10,000 years ago,” said Bruce MacFadden, a paleontologist at the University of Florida, Gainesville. This is “clearly documenting that humans were widespread in North America.” . . . The new findings echo what other studies have shown in Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Ohio and elsewhere – that people lived alongside mastodons, mammoths and other massive mammals more than 10 millennia ago, said Kenneth Tankersley, an archaeological geologist at the University of Cincinnati. Scientists still don’t know whether people thought of the giant animals that shared their territory as friends, enemies or food. In some places, evidence suggests that ancient people hunted giant beavers, bear-sized peccaries and mastodons, though the Florida bones offer no clues. Also unanswered is why all of those enormous animals went extinct. . . . "

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